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I like the music... :3

On a more serious note. I realise that making something every day leaves little room for polishing and such, and this does have some of those symptoms. Nonetheless, the concept's very interesting, and good on you for having that idea :D

Horsenwelles responds:

meatwad had the idea back in 2008. i just brought it back HARD

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While I like the design artistically, it's not very good for a level. Getting stuck in small holes and crevices does not make for a fun game. Neither does the repetition in this game, picking those berries isn't fun enough to do twice. Running back and forth between the village and the giant isn't all that stimulating, and a lot of that could have been removed. Controlling the giant was tedious and awkward, and this particular sequence was badly designed, I feel. Overall, the small amount of gameplay there is in this game, isn't very memorable. In fact, it is more the opposite, a hindrance you have to overcome to progress the story.

The biggest problem with this game however, is not knowing whether you're actually controlling something or not. Currently, I'm stuck at the village with the giant. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to do something with him, or if the game has glitched in some way. Either way - nothing is happening. The two stars are solely for the art-style of the game. The story isn't overly original, it reminds me of the animated film The Iron Giant.

So there, not a bad effort, but overall it lacks in several places. Work with the gameplay elements of the game, and make it clearer what the player is supposed to do. The artwork is great, but doesn't necessarily make for good levels in a game.

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Really great work here. Your lighting is awesome, there's just a few little things I don't think match up with the rest. First off, I'm going to assume that this is a woman, if not, then my second point won't really matter that much.

The hair looks a little thin, looks as if it's been done with a brush, and then no more. I'd like a little more depth and detail here. Secondly, her hands are a little oversized in my opinion, and they also look a little too beefy and manly. Otherwise it's amazing! I'm gonna show my fiancée this, she does a lot of digital art too.

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